Dorika Marbles SA was founded in 1987 at Nafpaktos, as a marble trading and processing company.

Following a successful ten-year market presence, the company’s management decided to make a strategic investment in marble quarrying, at the area of Drama in Northern Greece, which is world-famous for its rich deposits of high-quality, white dolomite marble. Within the frame of its further development it founded the company Ι.Biros-K.Pappos & Co GP in order to process quarries and supply its factories with raw material.

Aiming to vertical integration, the Group obtained authorization and put in operation a processing plant for the materials extracted from its quarries. In depth knowledge and experience on materials and quarrying, highly specialized staff, combined with the ergonomic layout of the quarries and the proper extraction of marble, laid down the foundations for further success. In 2016, Dorika Marbles SA merged all its affiliated companies Ι.Biros-K.Pappos & Co GP, Ι.Biros-F.Paisios-G.Korobelis & Co GP, Biros Ioannis & Co GP, and renamed to Birros Hellenic Quarries, 50% of which, was acquired by Marmor  SG SA (Stone Group International). The agreement includes Pirgon quarry and the factory in the industrial area of Drama.