The deep technical knowledge of quarrying acquired throughout the years, along with the optimal exploitation of the unique natural resources of its own quarries, are the foundations of the Group’s sustainable growth & development.



Birros Hellenic Quarries is one of the leading marble extraction & processing Groups in Greece. Its leading position has been accomplished through continuous investments and the  ability to adapt to new challenges.

The Group’s competitiveness is reflected in its successful penetration in the international marketplace.

50% of its block production is exported to China, 30% of its production is directed to selected clients in Italy, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand, and 20% is processed by SGI and distributed through the SGI’s international network.

Its commercial policy is focusing on building exclusive distribution agreements with its clients, thus presenting Pirgon & Venus Vox marbles at the showrooms of SGI’s international clientele. The high extraction capacity ensures constant product availability and deliveries.