Venus Vox

VOX means the voice, which is activated by the sound in a place.

A quarry preserves material VOX and creates many kinds of sounds, as marble carries its unique innate voice from ancient times to today, through its geological transformation.

Any soundscape is something alive, derives initial from the sound any material is carrying inside, reflecting simultaneously the outer sound of the earth.

But beyond this, considering the sensation of these sounds, particularly with respect to the experience of different tone of this mineral landscape, the sounds continue to appear as qualitative experiences, with more or less distinct characteristics.

Venus Vox marble keeps these characteristics and creates the acoustically pleasing environment that encourages the people in this, to feel relaxed and comfortable, as it minimizes noise and contributes to polarize sound into ‘physical’ and ‘psychological’ acoustics, creating the most enigmatic formulation of a materiality of sound.
Venus Vox range is offered in two selections:

Venus Vox Light and Venus Vox Dark

White background dolomitic marble, very elegant. This material is characterized by clarity and purity.

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Declaration of Performance (305/11)

1. Unique identification code of the product-type: Slabs for floors and stairs (Marble Venus Vox Drama)

2. System evaluation of performance: System 4

3. Harmonized standard: ΕΝ 12058:2015


Essential Characteristics Performance Standard
Bulk Density Open Porosity 2840 Kg/m3– 1,02 % ΕΝ 1936
Water Absorption 0,3 % EN 13755
Flexural Strength 2,3 Mpa EN 12372
Compressive Strength 190 Mpa ΕΝ 1926
Freeze/Thaw Resistance 5 Mpa EN 12372
Abrasion Resistance 26900 mm3 ΕΝ 14157
Petrographic Description Marble (Dolomite 99 %, Calcite 1%)


The performance of the product identified above is in conformity with the declared performance. This performance statement is prepared in accordance with EU Regulation no. 305/2011 under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer Birros Hellenic Marble Quarries