Pirgon Marble Range & Water

Water is indispensable to the creation of marble deposits, (a key external geological factor that shapes rocks), as well as in the process of marble cutting and forming. Therefore is a dominant element concerning the nomenclature chosen for the Pirgon Selection. It contributes to the humidity rate and the vapor produced during cutting. It is also a key component of clouds whose patterns and colors resemble some types of marble. It also connects Ebru, a painting technique on water using special pigments and paper, which creates a marbling effect similar to the Arabescato pattern.

Pirgon is a dolomitic marble, extracted at a specific region of Northern Greece. This material crystallizes in triangular prisms with a compact, granular, color form or stalactite texture, and a vitreous to pearly luster. It is characterized by clarity, purity and beautiful motifs.

Pirgon Range includes six selections:

Pirgon Nivatus, Pirgon Mist, Pirgon Nimbus, Pirgon Alas, Pirgon Terminus, Pirgon Ebru -Arabesque.

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Declaration Of Performance (305/11) – Version 1 10.4.2015

  1. Unique identification code of the product-type: Slabs for floors and stairs (Marble Pirgon Drama)
  2. Slabs for floors and stairs
  3. Name and address of producer: MARMOR SG S.A. Kavalari P.C. 57200, Thessaloniki Greece, T +30 23940 20440, F +30 23940 52733
  4. Name and contact address of the authorized representative:
  5. System evaluation of performance: System 4
  6. Harmonized standard: ΕΝ 12058:2015
  7. Notified Body / Notified Body Identification Number: Not applicable
  8. Declared performance
Essential Characteristics Performance Standard
Bulk Density Open Porosity 2825,41 Kg/m3– 1,02 % ΕΝ 1936
Water Absorption 0,37 % EN 13755
Flexural Strength 7,04 N/mm2 EN 12372
Compressive Strength 98,5 N/mm2 ΕΝ 1926
Freeze/Thaw Resistance 4,86 N/mm2 EN 12372
Abrasion Resistance 0,58 % ΕΝ 14157
Microhardness Test 220,8 HV ΕΝ 14205
Petrographic Description Marble (Dolomite 97%, Calcite 3%)

9. Specific Technical Documentation: Not applicable

The performance of the product identified above is in conformity with the declared performance. This performance statement is prepared in accordance with EU Regulation no. 305/2011 under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer identified above.

Kavalari  10.4.2015.